Okay techies!! The EVO by HTC will launch for Sprint customers this Friday June 4, as scheduled.  This very large but dynamic phone has everything a smartphone should have, plus much more.  The 4.8 x 2.6 graphical user interface is one large screen with a built-in kickstand in the back, feel free to watch your favorite movie.  Now, if EVO's large screen is not big enough then try using the built in HDMI port to interface with a larger screen. Sweet!!  I have had the pleasure of playing with it's live wallpaper, its redesigned pinch-touchscreen, and its many cool apps from the Android Market.  Amazing!!  If you want anymore information on pricing and promotions for the EVO or any phone for that matter, please let me know!!

The Start of a Tech Nation

Hear me!  For all tech lovers this community will provide and offer information that may be useful in today's technological society.  This community invites all users from beginners to advanced, and encourages all to share insight.  The community is young, but will grow as the world of technology grows each day. 

I'd like to share with you a little bit about myself.  Currently, I work in the cellular industry, which has grown substantially in the last decade, and I'm also finishing my degree in Network & Communications Management.  I've had a passion for science for the last 20 years, and independently study Astronomy.  I appreciate all types of Science and love what technology has done and will do for our society.  Therefore, I encourage the techies and all others alike to post your secrets, your insight, and lets unite as a Tech Nation!

The Latest Smart Phone

To all technology lovers and those who especially show an interest the latest smart phones!  For you Android OS loyals the HTC EVO will be available effective June, 4th.  What is claimed as the first 3G/4G device.  This massive phone has tha latest Droid 2.1 version, 8 MP camera with a dual LED flash, a second camera in the front display for video conferencing, and a 1Ghz processor.  Could this be the iPhone killer?  I had a chance to demo the phone and to my surprise the EVO was the smoothest and largest phone I have ever held.  Its new pinch-touch graphical user interface is well calibrated, and the wallpaper was animated with multiple home screen features and widgets. Let me not forget about the Google Market with thousands of apps to customize what is already a dynamic phone.  I truthfully believe this phone will be worth the price that consumers may have to chuck out.  In Sprint stores across the nation the going price, what I've heard ,is going to be $299.99 with a $100.00 mail-in rebate.  However, rumor has it that a particular location will sell the EVO (new activation and/or qualified upgrade) at $199.99 without the hassle of the mail-in rebate.  If you have an interest in this phone and have more questions about functions and price, please respond back for more information.